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“God Is HERE!” – audio version

Posted on Saturday July 13th, 2019

God Stuff (final-2)

Here are the links to the God Stuff podcast.  The links provided here will take you to the “God Is HERE!” message which is an introduction to Erma Tabernacle’s summer series unTangled (Mark).  It has been re-recorded from July 7 worship.

Podbean –

Stitcher –

Google –

The goal is that you would locate your favorite platform and subscribe to the podcast.  Then you can listen to each new episode once it is uploaded.

Questions?  Please send them my way.  Either comment here or drop me an e-mail.

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“God Is HERE!” – unTangled (Mark) #1

Posted on Wednesday July 10th, 2019

In the last message, “Bad Breath or Minty Fresh?” I/we offered an introduction to the Gospel of Mark.  I hope you were able to view or listen to it.  With “God Is HERE!” the unTangled (Mark) series, we kick-off some of the more challenging passages in the Gospel.  Last summer, I/we provided a similar offering […]

“Farther, Father” – A Message on Baptism

Posted on Wednesday July 3rd, 2019

On June 16, Erma Tabernacle celebrated the Lord with A Service of Baptismal Re-Affirmation. We renewed the vows that we made (or were made) at our Baptism, followed by the symbolism of water. This re-recorded message “Farther, Father” draws upon Ezekiel 36: 24 – 28 and Galatians 3: 23 – 28. The core theme: Living […]

045 – “Bad Breath or Minty Fresh?” (2019-06-30)

Posted on Tuesday July 2nd, 2019 An introduction to the Gospel of Mark as Erma Tabernacle begins the summer series – Untangled (Mark). The intro message is called “Bad Breath or Minty Fresh?” If God is leading you to financially support this podcast, then please visit the Online Giving tab at Thank you!

044 – Farther, Father (2019-06-16)

Posted on Tuesday June 25th, 2019 From Father’s Day 2019. The core scriptures come from Ezekiel 36 & Galatians 3. After the message on that day, Erma Tabernacle celebrated a Service of Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows. If God is leading you to financially donate to this podcast, then please visit the Online Giving tab at – Thank you!

“Be Loving” – Stop Being Nice #4

Posted on Saturday June 15th, 2019

Here is the 4th and final message in the Stop Being Nice series.  “Be Loving” draws upon 1 Corinthians chapter 13, commonly known as The Love Chapter.  Please read it before viewing the video, if you are able. This message was originally presented during June 2 worship at Erma Tabernacle.  The Sacrament of Holy Communion […]

043 – Be Loving (2019-06-02)

Posted on Wednesday June 5th, 2019 The 4th and final message in the Stop Being Nice series (from 1 Corinthians 13). For more information about Erma Tabernacle, visit

“Be Peaceful” – God Stuff podcast

Posted on Thursday May 30th, 2019

Here is the audio version of “Be Peaceful” – the 3rd message in the Stop Being Nice series at Erma Tabernacle.  It was originally presented during May 26 worship and has been re-recorded. Below are links to the three platforms/apps that host the God Stuff audio podcast. Podbean – Stitcher – Google – […]