E.P.I.C. Youth Group - (5th-12th grade) 

What does E.P.I.C. stand for?  Everything's Possible In Christ!
Lots of exciting new things are planned this year!
Join us now and get in on the FUN!

Since last September the youth group has been working on being more like Jesus. Our motto is "Walk like Jesus". So instead of SAYING we love, we SHOW our love, instead of SAYING we care, we SHOW that we care.  We put this into action by making & bringing food to those in need of a meal & some company, helping to set up for family promise, and visiting and bringing cheer to those in our local nursing homes.   


This summer we will continue our theme of "Walking like Jesus" by becoming an official volunteer group at Victoria Manor where we will be taking part in the monthly Game & Social Night.  We hope you enjoy today’s Youth Sunday service… and remember…. Walk Like Jesus! 

Please visit our Announcements page for specific events.  Youth Group meets weekly on Sunday's .  Time and location varies... For more information, please contact Jennifer Bolton at (609) 884-2734.