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“Gre>ter Than” series – October/November 2020

Posted on Saturday October 24th, 2020

“All the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. … Each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.            (Acts 2: 44 – 47, NLT)

Greek philosopher, Aristotle, lives 400 years before Jesus comes onto the scene.  He has given this still-popular quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  We are members of the group known as “Jesus-followers.”  We are disciples of the Christ.  As we make the commitment to grow in faith and love, we are responding to His wonderful generosity.

Drawing closer to the Lord means aligning ourselves with His priorities for us – our hearts with God’s heart.  Through this deepening relationship, we (super-)naturally become more generous people.  We grow as individuals, but we also grow with one another in our faith community called Tabernacle.

The Jesus-followers in the Book of Acts know the power of community and growing together in Him.

  • Together is greater than alone
  • Generosity is greater than accumulating
  • Thriving is greater than surviving

You are invited to Tabernacle’s Generosity series as we explore God’s plan for us in 2021 and beyond.  We will reflect on all that God has shared—and is sharing—with us.  Let us join together as we discover what it means to live Greater Than.

October 25                  “We  >  Me”                                        Acts 2: 14 – 18

November 8                “Investment  >  Quick Fix”              Matthew 7: 24 – 28

November 15              “Abundance  >  Comfort”                 Malachi 3: 8 –12

November 22              “Possibility  >  Status Quo”              John 14: 6 – 14

On Sunday, November 1, we will have a special worship experience related to All Saints Day and the “saints” of Tabernacle UMC who have impacted our lives over the past year.  We also will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion – putting Acts chapter 2 into action.


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